Columbia police release Community Briefing Video

On September 4, 2020 the Columbia Police Department became aware of a cell phone video posted to social media, which captured a small portion of a traffic stop conducted by the Violent Crime Task Force on September 2, 2020, near Clark Lane and Towne Drive. 

The circulation of this footage caused concern among members of the community and resulted in an internal investigation.  The review included a closer look at actions of the officers involved in the incident.

The Columbia Police Department has already incorporated and will continue to incorporate community perspective as a part of our training program.  We will look to community members to provide and participate in training to achieve this objective.  We will continue to evolve training to improve service delivery and open lines of communication.

Watch the Community Briefing video that describes the Department’s response, policies and practices when responding to this traffic incident.

Click here for the full-length video from the incident.  At this time there are no further details that can be released.

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