KTODD 80's with Todd Chambless

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Wednesday's at 7pm (CST)

KTODD 80’s is a two-hour weekly flashback that takes you back to that great decade, the 1980s. This music show will bring you nostalgic sounds from the movies, TV and radio... and of course the music that made those 10 years great.

KTODD 80’s on Cherry Hill Radio is very entertaining and the music element will take you back in time to the decade of decadence. KTODD 80’s is well produced and is full of personality. Listening to KTODD 80’s will liven up your weekend.

KTODD 80’s host is the one and only Todd Chambless, a 35+ year radio veteran, who has worked in major markets including Dallas and Pittsburgh. He's been a radio Program Director, air talent... and now an entertaining you right here on Cherry Hill Radio.

Todd loves music, riding with the top down and the music cranked up and singing in his church’s choir. Let Todd know what your favorite 80’s song or memory by calling him anytime…at 315-665-1970.

KTODD 80's Top 10 Artist

  • Michael Jackson
  • Madonna
  • The Police
  • Whitney Houston
  • George Michael
  • Prince
  • Eurythmics
  • Cyndi Lauper
  • Culture Club
  • Tears For Fears

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